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Fic Variations

can *you* turn one prompt into multiple fics?

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Name:Fic Variations
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In the spirit of 10variations, we bring this community. Similar concept only we're asking for fic, not icons, and you get a longer timeframe.

Every month you sign up, picking a fandom/fandom crossover, character or a pairing from any fandom. You may have two claims per round. It's on a first come, first serve basis (but you cannot pick the same character/pairing for the next two months, in order to give others a chance to play). Sign-ups will usually start a week before the month ends.

At the beginning of the month a generic, non-fandom specific prompt will be put out, and you have one month to write either 5 - 7 drabbles (100 - 500 words) or 3 - 5 ficlets (501+ words, with no max limit but remember you need to write three) with your chosen claim. Your entries will be tagged by fandom (and it will be your job to tag them after one of us mods tags the first post of the round).


- Everything goes under a cut except your header if you post directly to the community. You are more than welcome to post the fic elsewhere and link it back.
- You can post all 3 - 5/5 - 7 fics in one post, if you want to.
- If you have slash, NC-17 or anything else that requires a warning in your fic, you better have that warning showing in your header.
- No RPF/RPS allowed. This is strictly for fandom-related fic.
- No monopolizing. Please don't pick a pairing and one of the characters in that pairing as your claim; let others have a chance to write the characters, too.
- If you pick a character you can pair them with anyone, even if someone else already has that claim. For example, if I were to choose Greg from CSI, I could write him paired with Sara even if someone else has claimed Greg/Sara.
- For character claims, we ask that at least 2 of your fics be non-pairing if you write ficlets and 3 if you're writing drabbles.
- If you go over or under your word count on a few fics, no worries. Just don't do it for every fic.
- Likewise, feel free to write more than the maximum amount of fics if you feel inspired to do so...just make sure you hit your minimum.
- The header I would like to be used is as follows (simply copy and paste!). You can always add to it but please don't subtract from it (except Author's Notes and Warnings, but only if you don't have any):

- Please be sure to check out the FAQ post.


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Want to affiliate? Leave a comment on any sign-up post. Looking for fic-related and challenge communities only at the moment.
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