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Title: The Company
Author: vodooman
Fandom: X-Men/Heroes
Characters/Pairing: Gambit/Elle
Rating: G
[community profile] fic_variations Prompt/Claim: #1: pain
Spoilers: None that I can think of... obviously season 2 (because of Elle)
Warnings: none
Author's Notes: enjoy the fic! lol...

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Title: Self-Destructive Types
Author: [livejournal.com profile] iluvroadrunner6
Rating: PG-13
[livejournal.com profile] fic_variations Prompt/Claim: Money (#1)
Spoilers: Spoilers for House season 5 and mild ones for SPN season 4. AU from 421: When the Levee Breaks
Warnings: N/A
Disclaimer: Supernatural is owned by Kripke and the CW, House MD is owned by Shore and FOX. However, any and all original characters are mine, so please don't use them without my permission.
Author's Notes: [SPN/House, Dean/Hadley, Foreman/Hadley] For the record, because I feel I should say it, I don’t hate Foreman/Thirteen. I kind of adore it, actually. So this isn’t meant to be read as anti-them in any way, it just kind of—happened.

( Self-Destructive Types )
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Title: A scene after the shooting
Author: vodooman
Fandom: Roswell/Supernatural
Characters/Pairing: Dean/Maria, Michael, Isabel
Rating: pg-13 (just because of the whole death theme)
[livejournal.com profile] fic_variations Prompt/Claim: #1: pain
Spoilers: Pilot of Roswell (but goes pretty much AU after the shooting, because Liz Parker does die... And Max didn't heal her...), Season 4 of Supernatural... but only that one episode with young!Dean and young!Sam...
Warnings: character death mentioned
Author's Notes: Please note that this is in fact compliant to another story I had... which is called 'Car kidnapping'... The pairing is Dean/Maria... and it is pretty much AU most of the time...

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My apologies for the sign ups being late for the month of May. This time around we will be trying something slightly different. Instead of having it that there's a set prompt and people make certain claims, for this month people will be claiming a prompt.

In other words, if you would like to participate leave a comment at this post. I will then provide you with a prompt. For the month of May you would use that prompt to write either 5 to 7 drabbles (100 to 500 words) or 3 to 5 ficlets (501+ words.) Each drabble/ficlet can focus on a different fandom, pairing, or character. At the same time, if you want to use your prompt to write in the same fandom or the same pairing or character, that's okay to.

Each participant will be given their own prompt. If you would like two prompts, please let me know when you leave me a comment.

This is a trial run, if people like doing this, then [personal profile] afteriwake and I will probably run the next couple of rounds in a similar fashion.

I'd like to remind everyone about [community profile] fv_amnesty the place to post your late fics or anwer old prompts.


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